ODF Interoperability Workshop

Hello everybody,

On 15-16 June there will be a big ODF interoperability workshop. I was
wondering if some Evince team members would like to come, you will be
very welcome. I know Evince does not (yet) support OpenDocument formats,
but it would be very interesting to talk and show some things.

We have wishes for PDF support with good notes integration and
presentation viewing of ODF Presentation and Microsoft PowerPoint
documents. If you like we could see if we can arrange sponsoring for
feature development. It is very important to create more running code
around ODF and PDF documents so we can get a better foundation for
migrations to open documents.

The workshop will be held at The Hague in The Netherlands.
Homepage of the event: http://www.odfworkshop.nl/

I can act as a liaison for everybody that like to come. I also represent
a Dutch think tank called: http://dejongehondenvanheemskerk.nl/

How do you people feel about this?

Best regards,

Jelle de Jong

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