Re: One Remark To: Evince as universal "Viewer"

В Сбт, 21/02/2009 в 22:10 +0100, Dennis Heuer пишет:
> Hello all
> i am not a gnome user and used epdfview because evince was soo
> gnome-dependent. however, i managed to get evince running without gnome
> (except of the icon theme (???)) and would like to stick to it.
> first, a general compliment on speed and usage!!!
> second, i stumbled upon the discussion refered to in the subject, which
> was actually held at desktop-devel. i think that the discussion was
> really desktop-centric and not taking into account people like me who
> don't have gnome, abiword or even oo.o installed. this is why i want
> to put in just one remark:
> nowaddays, i am confronted with lots of content, especially from the
> internet, which is not supported natively on my fully-from-source
> system. however, i'd want to 'view' it too without having to compile
> oo.o myself.
> this is like with media streams. on youtube, i can see it all because
> the binary flash plugin from adobe works even on my ffs-system.
> luckily, lots of itv-channels work too. however, some would work, at
> least with my xine player, if not the sites were expecting a special
> plugin (most often mplayer or vlc). they just refuse to work otherwise
> and don't even provide a link to the stream. i don't like the way the
> mplayer plugin behaves, and for vlc i'd need wxwidgets etc. so what? i
> just can't see the streams though xine could play well here.
> so it is with evince. evince could play well in many cases where i
> don't need support for editing a file but still want to read it, which
> is not possible to me because the author did not put a link to a pdf
> version on his site.
> this is why a viewer differs from an editor in more than the terms
> express. the viewer is a door to the world. please consider this.
> if you make support for 'editable' formats (i mean, only because there
> is no free pdf editor, pdf is not a pure printer format.) optional, the
> distributor can disable them in favour to the editors and i can enable
> them in favour to my ffs-system.

Hi Dennis

I was excited about generic functionality apps long time ago. (another
example I'd like to mention is a generic "convertor" so you can convert
anything you can convert to anything else) but actually it's not so
perfect idea for a several reasons:

1. It's confusing for the user and not so easy for developer to maintain
two different UI's for the same format.

2. The unification has bad sides, it makes it harder to use strong
advantages of the particular format.

That's why Evince focused only on a limited number of formats that are
represented by book. And even for such a limited amounts we have
troubles to support features of each format.

To summarize, consider the disadvantages as well, probably it's not
worth doing.

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