Re: navigating with alt+arrow keys

В Срд, 01/04/2009 в 09:32 -0400, Nachiket Kapre пишет:
> A few version back it was possibly to use ALT key in combination with
> the arrow keys to precisely position the document within the evince
> window. This was very convenient to zoom in and focus on the portion
> of the document you wanted. With the recent versions, it is only
> possible to use ALT with up and down arrays to take small steps in the
> vertical dimension. The ALT keys used in combination with the right
> and left arrows now rotate the document. Is this configurable
> somewhere? I really like the old ALT+arrow behavior. Also, it would be
> useful to have keyboard shortcuts programmable in the future through
> the GUI.

Thanks for your report Nachiket. Indeed there is a conflict, so I
changed the rotate binding to Ctrl+Left/Right. For futher details please
see the bug

This will be available in the next release, while waiting you can always
change the bindings yourself. Activate editable bindings in your
preferences, select the item and press any key you want to use. This
binding will be saved.

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