Re: Mouse-Dragging and Mouse Button Arrangement

2008/6/19 Nickolay V. Shmyrev <nshmyrev yandex ru>:
> В Срд, 18/06/2008 в 10:56 +0800, Yongwei Wu пишет:
>> Hi gurus,
>> One thing I had found missing in Evince was the ability of
>> mouse-dragging the text, before a knowledgeable guy told me that the
>> middle mouse button worked for this purpose.  However, since I am
>> working with tablet PCs, the middle button really does not work for
>> me--clicks on the touch screen are all left-clicks.  I would like to
>> know:
>> * Is there an option to switch the mouse buttons for selecting and
>>   dragging of text?
>> * If not, is it possible to add such an option? (Considering the fact
>>   that moving the text is much more frequent than selecting the text.)
>> Any comments are appreciated.
> It's clearly a problem but solutions proposed aren't good I think.
> Probably you can just patch the source to make it work as expected for
> you.

Alternatively, maybe a button can be added to choose the left-button
operation: like kpdf and acroread. I believe the current middle-button
is too unintuitive, and many people simply don't know about it.

Best regards,


Wu Yongwei

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