Re: Bookmarks, breadcrumbs, back/forward navigation, you name it

В Вск, 13/07/2008 в 22:49 +0200, Johannes Buchner пишет:
> Hi.
> I started motivated with what I thought were good ideas about 
> bookmarking features. I made the page above.
> After reading all comments in the related bugs, I think I now understand
> the complexity of the issue. 
> There are several problems/use cases mixing together here:
>   1) open favorite/often used documents again
>   2) breadcrumbs: in-document navigation of PDFs with links (e.g.
> jumping from TOC to page 431 and possibilities of getting back (and
> forward too) ). Those would be recorded automatically (PDFs with links
> and annotations only).
>   3) "bookmarking" a interesting page so one can jump between several
> points in a document
> My ideas would have covered 1) and 3). For collecting
> your favorite (or most often used) pdfs, Paperbox [1] was suggested.
> Read a little what I wrote on the page [0], don't take the mockups too
> seriously and let me know what your ideas are. 
> Regards,

Hi Johannes, nothing is really wrong. 

People are just busy doing their own things like me. I hope our silence
will not stop you from doing nice things like you proposed.

I think if we'll have bookmarks in sidebar stored inside PDF through
annotation interface, it will be nice addition to our functionality.

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