automatic reload and centering

Hello Evince development team

I think, Evince is great. I think so, because I don't have to have 10 different viewers for 10 different file formats on my Gnome desktop. However, there are two features which I really, really, really, ... miss in Evince when comparing it with KPdf. These two features are

1. automatic reload of the file (e.g. the *.pdf file) when it is modified (I use LaTeX and constantly modify my *.pdf output)


2. automatic centering of the file when the zoom is increased (e.g. when going from 100% to 200%).

Why don't I work with KPdf then? Because it's slow on my Gnome thingy.

I googled for a solution of this problem. I found quite a few comments on it. However, I couldn't find a concrete solution to it. In conclusion, I think, I wouldn't be the only person really happy with this change. In my opinion, it would increase the value of Evince immensely.

Have a very, very nice one,



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