Getting a stable release


We've done some really impressive features over the past couple of weeks
(selection, d-bus, tiff, rotation, nautilus, etc.)  It's time to start
planning a release and stabilizing for GNOME 2.12.  Kristian is going to
add selection text extraction to poppler and do a poppler release this
week.  After that, we can do a 0.3.3 release and start working hard
toward the stable 0.4.x series.  Since the rest of GNOME is in a
feature freeze now, we should be too.

I'm going to start focusing heavily on fixing existing bugs in the code
(especially in selection), and we should definitely clean up what we
have.  Let's get a rock-solid PDF browser by August 14th.  It's going to
be our first release as part of GNOME, and we need to make a good

This release series is going to rock!


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