Re: [PATCH] build with t1lib for type3 support

On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 01:10:12PM -0500, Vincent Noel wrote:
> Which PDF are you referring to in bug 112506 ?
> As weird as it sounds, I can open fine the first PDF (attachment
> 16336) with evince CVS.
> See the screenshot at 
> left is acrobat reader, right evince. Evince actually renders better
> than acroread.
> Was some work done on Type 3 fonts while I was not looking ???
> Cheers
> Vincent

So yeah, it turns out evince has no problem with that document. However
linking with t1lib does fix the rendering of
, which I found from a evince or gpdf bug (that I can't seem to find

I had assumed that type 3 fonts didn't work at all. But it looks like
they just don't work sometimes, which makes some sense but not lots.
When I was looking at the problem evince certainly tried to draw the
glyphs for the document above, but it seems they just never made it


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