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> hi,
> i interested in epiphany browser development so i was looking for some kind of documentation. something like that for chromium
> is there anything like that?

Unfortunately we don't, but it would be great to have it in our
Getting Started guide (,
work in progress!). I can give you a 30 seconds overview though:

|_ data/: data files, including UI files, css files, html pages, etc.
|_ doc/: documentation for the project.
|_ embed/: the core EphyWebView class, plus low level non-UI objects
related to it like history, preferences, favicon cache, downloads,
|_ lib/: standalone lowest levels utility classes, widgets, etc.
|___ egg/: copied classes from libegg
|___ history/: SQL history backend implementation
|___ widgets/: custom Epiphany widgets
|_ src/: "everything else"
|___ bookmarks/: bookmarks implementation
|_ tests/: unit tests

An important rule is that lib/ cannot include embed/ or src/, and
embed/ cannot include src/ (but src/ can include anything).

Hope this helps a bit, it would be great if you worked with us in
expanding this into a real guide.

> the browser intends to be clean and plain. thats a great intention! do you thing your browser is secure too? what makes it secure?

Well, I'm not sure that we are particularly more secure than other
browsers that use WebKit. When we switch to WebKit2 that will help a
lot, and when WebKit2 gains sandboxing (at some point in the future)
that should put us in the same ballpark than Chrome I suppose.


> thanks in advance
> sascha
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