Mallard doc


I'm discovering mallard and would like to contribute a bit to port
documentation. I think nothing is done yet but before to create lot of
stuff, it would be nice to agree on the principles.

I only created one index with the sections of the actual documentation
Then as an example, I filled in the bookmarks section according to the
current documentation. Just to have an overview, I did not work on the
content yet.

I already met two problems.
1. Listing all of the bookmarks documentation does not seem to be the
proper way. We do have a topic doc, but it's not easy to read, there are
two many sub topics (create , delete, assign topic, create topic, and so
on). This may be wrong.
2. Current documentation begins with specific bookmarks principles of
Epiphany. Here I just list these principles as one of the available
guides about bookmarks management. This may be wrong.

If usefull, overview is there:
Once extracted, go to en_GB and run 'yelp'

So, please either tell me if I should ignore these points or if indeed
the doc has to be organized differently for the mallard porting.


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