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I was an happy user of Epiphany, i have had the possibility to use it till to find the movies on youtube and then to transcode with was killed by the author and now it not anymore possible to transcode the files *.swf

i use Epiphany and other browsers, and all have the same problem, it is correct so, it not correct to have an odd-on in the browser.

i use GNU/linux gNeSense and on it runs only 100% Free Software packages, there aren't reastricted packages, and is correct so, they started in 2006 to develop a distribution toally Free Software, now there are few opportunities:

the first one: to change distribution and to use another which uses Chrome and FireFox4, that are restricted browsers

the second: to find a distribution that ddoes not use restricted browsers, but accept Flash to 64 bit, and this means to buy new pc, and at the moment i have not one 1 cent of euro.

the third: hope that Youtube decide to change for any free format without restricted packages.

i refuse to use non free software, which are restricted packages.

excuse me again for the disturb, but i needed to communicate to you this.

happy hacking !!!!

Paolo Del Bene

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