Re: remember_passwords gconf key don't run


>> I'v problem with epiphany 2.28.2 and gconf key:
>> /apps/epiphany/general/remember_passwords
>> see don't run.For example if i put remember_passwords false it ask
>> remember password (wrong).


> Epiphany 2.28 doesn't support storing form passwords, only HTTP
> authentication passwords can be stored in 2.28. Form password storage
> has been implemented in 2.29.x, which is the current development
> version.

Yes. My idea is don't save authentication passwords. In prevoius version
(base on gecko ?) this key (/apps/epiphany/general/remember_passwords)
disable authentication passwords.

My users (a library) autenticate on proxy and I need disable the PROXY
authentication passwords. With previous version i do it with this key.

Where epiphany store the password (a file) ?

Hello and excuse for my little english,

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