Re: Default search engines

Yeah, I love DuckDuckGo as well.

However, DuckDuckGo itself is not (as you suggest) Open Source. It's
mostly built from OSS components. In this regard, there's no real
difference e.g. to Yahoo (they're also contributing quite a lot).

Anyway, you can change Epiphany's default search engine with the
gconf-editor: The key is '/apps/epiphany/general/url_search'.


On Sat, 2010-12-25 at 17:44 -0500, William Potash wrote:
> Looking at Epiphany, I see the default search engine is Google. I
> would like to ask if you could consider using DuckDuckGo, instead.
> DuckDuckGo is an alternative to Google, and is open source through and
> through. They even started a project caused FOSS tithing, where they
> (and ask other companies to) donate 10% of their revenue to open
> source software. Another attractive feature is the fact they don't
> collect privacy information. You can't even register for the site! It
> is completely anonymous and privacy-friendly, something Google
> currently is not. In the best interests of the open source community,
> I suggest you look into this.
> Sincerely,
> William Addison MacKinnon Gibbs Potash
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