Re: extension question: sending html

> > The problem is that I am interested in creating a default homepage so to
> > speak, an extension that will generate some html to use as a homepage
> > instead of just about:blank - it could then display things such as the
> > recent website that the user went to or the most visited websites or
> > some such, [...]. But I am not sure how
> > possible it is to deliver generated webpage via an extension.

> > Essentially I'm just looking for some advice on how to proceed to do
> > something along those lines, but I'm not at all sure that its possible
> > via the extension interface. [...]

Well, it is possible. I wrote a small proof-of-concept extension which you can
download[1] (it's in a git repo, if you care about that). It currently doesn't
do anything useful (just a little counter), but should be a good starting
point. It uses genshi[2] as a template engine which you need to install to run

> I would very much like to see such a thing replace the 'home page'
> concept of Epiphany, instead of being an extension. 

It might be a good idea to prototype this first via a python extension.



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