Epiphany Extensions 2.22.0

Epiphany Extensions 2.22.0 

Epiphany Extensions 2.22.0 is out! This release plays nicely with Epiphany
2.22.0. You can grab it from the usual place:

  * Bzip2'ed tarball
    size: 905 KB
    md5sum: 05b131995c532f2689150c731b2f37c1)

  * Gzipped tarball
    size: 1391 KB
    md5sum: 2babb4b200ec6ce3a8eebf3683cb00d6)

Good luck!

  mvrgr, Wouter

:wq                                                       mail uws xs4all nl
                                                      web http://uwstopia.nl

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