Re: [gnome-web-photo] Do not alter firefox settings


Le Tue, 2 Dec 2008 14:23:29 +0100,
Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> a écrit :
> We have a patch in openSUSE for
> I must admit I'm blindly trusting Wolfgang here, but if it's just for
> proxy settings and if xulrunner 1.9 reads proxy settings from gconf,
> that should be fine.

The proxy does indeed seem to be taken from GConf through other means
in gecko 1.9 (nsUnixSystemProxySettings.cpp), so the patch looks ok to
me. If you can confirm that with a non-suse xulrunner (e.g. ubuntu's),
it's ok to commit the patch with a checkin comment explaining the

I'm rather unsatisfied with the cited bug report though; there's no
explanation at all how setting a pref in one xulrunner-using
application with its own profile could affect the running instance of
firefox et al.

As near as I could find, this is caused by a non-standard
patch in suse's xulrunner package (mozilla-nss-shared-db.patch), but
even then this should only affect the NSS db, not the cookies db. Also
there's no explanation _how_ setting this specific pref causes the bug.

> PS: still no bugzilla product? :-)

No. Doesn't really seem necessary since I get only a bug report once
in a blue moon...


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