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Thanks Wouter.  That was extremely helpful.  I know that there are going to be people jumping all over me for this, but I am actually more interested in implementing this feature for Webkit.  The one thing I want to ask though is how spell checking is actually implemented.  How is it done for the default Gecko build of Epiphany?  Is it a product of the rendering engine or the browser?

On 9/19/07, Wouter Bolsterlee <uws+gnome xs4all nl> wrote:
2007-09-18 klockan 21:04 skrev Nick Manley:
> Hi, I am new here, but I am interested in getting involved with the
> development process of Epiphany.  I have a couple of questions in
> regard to the spell checking feature.
> As I understand it, the spell checker is an extension of Gecko.  Am I
> correct in assuming that if Epiphany is compiled with Webkit, then
> that feature is lost?  And what are the plans for having spelling
> corrections in a right-click context menu like Firefox has for
> misspelled words?  Will that be an extension or built into the
> browser, and what is the current process on this addition?

Not sure whether this is directly related, but there is a bug about spell
checking support in GTK+ directly. See for more information (CC yourself):

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