Epiphany Session restore vs Gnome session restore


Facts :
- Gnome has the option to restore the whole desktop session after the
user shut down his PC
- Epiphany has the option to restore its surf session after a crash

Problem :

The 2 options doesn't fit well together

The behaviour expected is that the gnome session should restart in the
same state that it was before the PC shut down without asking
anything. All my epiphany windows and tabs should be reopened with the
good url.

The behaviour i have on my Ubuntu 7.10 desktop is that Epiphany ask if
i want to restore the session. If i say no, it will restore the
session in spite of that (thanks to Gnome session retsore ?)

Having Gnome restore session option activated should lead the system
to reopen the old session without asking anything

I'm not sure to be clear enough..?

PS : i found that discussion concerning epiphany session retsore :
http://www.mail-archive.com/epiphany-list gnome org/msg02158.html

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