Re: Customizable user interface : "e-mail the link" toolbar button is missing

thibaut bethune wrote:
> Many many thanks, you're so kind!
> There is even a french translation of the label of the button!
> 2 things :
> 1�) the label is very long : "envoyer le lien par courriel" is far
> longer than the other labels of the toolbar, so maybe that "envoyer le
> lien" should be enough ("send the link by e-mail" vs "send the link") 

The extension is *very* simple -- all it does is to make an existing
action in Epiphany (the one already used in the menu) available in the
toolbar editor. The text (and translation), icon, etc. all belongs to
the action; the extension doesn't touch any of those.

It would be possible to make it have a shorter label text, but it would
make the extension a little more complicated (it would have to contain
and use a new action), and the label text wouldn't be translated.

> 2�) i think that extension should be include in Epiphany by default,
> without the need to have an extension
> keep on doing such a great job and, again, thank you
> Thibaut

(I am not an Epiphany developer, BTW, I have just developed some 3rd
party extensions)

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