Re: Regarding the word "token" in the epiphany translation file

tor, 08 03 2007 kl. 13:47 +0100, skrev Kenneth Nielsen:
> Hej everybody
> I'm updating the translation of epiphany into danish. I ran into these
> strings:
> #: ../embed/mozilla/GtkNSSDialogs.cpp:1419
> msgid "Change Token Password"
> #: ../embed/mozilla/GtkNSSDialogs.cpp:1425 
> #, c-format
> msgid "Choose a password for the "%s" token"
> #: ../embed/mozilla/GtkNSSDialogs.cpp:1428
> #, fuzzy, c-format
> msgid "Change the password for the "%s" token" 
> #: ../embed/mozilla/GtkNSSDialogs.cpp:1512
> #, fuzzy
> msgid "Get Token Password"
> #: ../embed/mozilla/GtkNSSDialogs.cpp:1516
> #, fuzzy, c-format
> msgid "Please enter the password for the "%s" token" 
> #: ../embed/mozilla/GtkNSSDialogs.cpp:1582
> msgid "Please select a token:"
> msgstr ""
> Now the problem is that as far as I understand it token can have more
> than one meaning when its used as a IT-term, so could one of you
> please explain to me what the term covers over ( i.e. what it mean) in
> these string?

The translation of "token" into Danish -- according to "Dansk-gruppens
engelsk/dansk edb-ordliste"[1] -- is "symbol", which can be translated
back to English as just that; "symbol".

The use of token in that file ("GtkNSSDialogs.cpp") suggest that it is
directly related to the Network Security Services libraries[2] --
"token" in a cryptographic context.

I don't know that much about cryptography, but I did find another
possible translation that may (or may not) be more correct in this
context than "symbol".

A search in "Gads stribede engelsk-dansk dansk-engelsk large, 3. udgave
(cd-rom)" (running in Wine) gives the following suggestions: "1 tegn; 2
m�e; 3 bevis; 4 kupon; 5 polet;".

The 3rd suggestion, "bevis", is the one I think may (or may not) fit in
this context. It translates back to English as "proof", or (in a legal
context) "evidence".

Does anyone more knowledgeable in cryptography and/or NSS than me have
any comments?


> Thanks in advance
> Kenneth Nielsen

Thanks for your work on translating Epiphany,
Stefan - A Danish Epiphany user

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