Re: New Extensions - Tabs on Treeview

Love the idea! Especially given large screens these days and all the
sites that waste horizontal space, plus when reading things online all
the content is downwards!
Then again, in terms of actual real estate space on the screen, this
will take more space, just think area is width*height (not that anybody
could forget).

On Tue, 2007-04-10 at 03:10 +0000, kevin michel wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currenly working on a new extension replacing tabs with a sidebar.
> I think this may interest people with lots of tabs, I found it scales
> better with more than 10 tabs
> and allow faster visual scanning and reordering (less distances
> between tabs). It's not really better than tabs on the left though,
> except it's more compact and visually lighter.
> The code is not yet clean and needs testing, particularly for
> differences between 2.16 and 2.18 ( I'm working on a 2.16.3 epiphany
> ), known issues and limitations are :
>  * Incompatible with the Sidebar extension
>  * The close button is in a place we expect it to close the sidebar,
> not the current tab.
>     I don't know where to put the "close current tab" button(s),
> horizontal space is not cheap
>     in a toolbar so having one per row isn't a good idea I think.
>  * It's not yet possible to drag the sidebar between left and right side
>  * Managing right-part width in a Panel is a nightmare, may break some day.
> As usual, ideas and bug reports are welcome :)
> ------------------
> Kevin MICHEL
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