Should Epiphany browser be renamed because of conflict w/ game name?

Many Debian users are surprised when they type "apt-get install
epiphany" and they get Epiphany, the GPL'ed clone of the Commodore 64
game Boulder Dash.

It would be great if the epiphany game were renamed, but the last
release was in 2003. IMO, that means it is unlikely the maintainer still
cares about the game enough to rename the epiphany game. (They would
have to rename the SourceForge project, all instances of the string
"epiphany" in the game and the homepage, and probably would have to redo
graphics. It's unlikely.)

So the only people who are likely to be able to rename their project is
the epiphany browser project. Would it be practical to rename epiphany
because of the confusion that this name conflict causes? Would it be
worth the effort?

Jason Spiro <jasonspiro4+news gmail com>

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