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Hello Jost,

On Mon, 27 Mar 2006, Jost Boekemeier wrote:

I have some problems with the 2.14 search behaviour. Instead of opening a search dialog, it resizes the main window (!) and places a seach entry field at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for your feedback. As far as I can see the Find bar doesn't actually resize the browser window, but it does shrink the "viewport" a bit on the bottom side. The Find bar was introduced because the previous Find dialog had the disadvantage that it obscured the view of the web page. Also the Find bar unifies the regular and the typeahead find modes.

Trying to view the text surrounding the search hit is impossible,

Could you try to describe the problem more clearly? When I use the Find bar I am perfectly able to view the text surrounding a highlighted match.

click on the scroll bar removes the search entry field and resizes the main window again so that the next mouse click hits the scroll bar, instead of the down arrow.

You're right, it's the first time I notice this. I doubt that it can be fixed because the scroll bar is rendered by Mozilla instead of GTK but please feel free to file a bug on

The next problem is that there is no option to revert this new, possibly experimental, behaviour.

The Find bar was introduced as an extension for Epiphany 1.6 (GNOME 2.10) and was well received so it became part of the core. Maybe an extension could be made to re-enable the old dialog, if there is someone willing to code it :)

option is not documented. -- I've tried about:epiphany, but this dialog only displays a useless quote from a french author.

This "useless" quote is the whole philosophy that Epiphany was designed around! Read more about Antoine de Saint-Exupéry on wikipedia:


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