Re: Default font sizes are very small

I wonder if you did not simply notice a bug that I had already reported
elsewhere. It seems that "epiphany" fonts appear smaller than they ought to
from the start unless you open "Edit > Preferences > Fonts & Style > Detaild
font Settings..." for the very first time.
This does *not* require to actually change the font size values. Apparently,
"epiphany" only looks up the right font sizes at this moment. See also:

where my Red Hat bugzilla report got posted upstream.

> Hello, for as long as I've been trying Epiphany, many sites have been
> showing up very small fonts - of course these are the sites that don't
> specify font sizes. This is bad for several reasons, most importantly
> that people with bad eyesight will have a hard time seeing anything.
> Also, it makes the sites look different from all other browsers, which
> generally look about the same, be it Firefox, Opera or IE.

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