new tab from external app

I've recently switched to Debian GNU/Linux from OS X, so I'm kinda
newish to the whole shebang.  Lots of new apps, lots of fun playing
around, lots of confusion.  :-)

After sticking with Firefox for a while in a bid to maintain some level
of familiarity with my computer, I've pretty much switched to Epiphany
over the past week.  Really really nice browser, but I guess y'all know
that already.

There are several things I haven't quite got the hang of yet, but I just
wanted to ask about one for now.  I'm using Evolution as my email
client.  When I click on a URL from an email, the site opens in a new
Epiphany window, even if I have Epiphany open already.  I would like it
to open in a new tab in the foremost existing Epiphany, but I can't find
a setting anywhere to make this happen.

I apologize if this is really a Gnome (or, less likely, an Evolution)
question.  I haven't quite figured out how everything fits together yet.
I figured it likely would be an Epiphany issue because Firefox has
setting options to control whether clicks from external apps open a new
window or a new tab.  So, for that matter, does Camino.

Appreciate any instruction.  Thanks.


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