Threading in a python extension?

Ive started looking at making epilicious (an epiphany extension,
written in Python, to synchronise local and bookmarks)
giving the user a bit more feedback. My idea was to spawn off a thread
to do the actual synchronisation in order for the epiphany GUI to not
lock up. Later I'd look into displaying a progressbar.

Unfortunately I got stuck on the first step. I create a threading.Thread
object, passing in the synchronisation function as its target argument.
Then I start the thread:

 def _menu_callback(action, window):
   t = threading.Thread(target=_do_sync)

I've added some calls to a logger (using logging.getLogger) first thing
both in _menu_callback and in _do_sync. The first one is hit, but the
second is never reached.

Is it possible to do a multi-threaded extension in Python at all?


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