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Hi Michael,

On Sat, 14 Jan 2006, Michael Ward wrote:

a weakness.  I don't even think it was possible to open the download
list manually (e.g. to open a previously downloaded file),

There is another bug open about adding downloaded files to the recent file list.

no obvious notification that a download had completed, the download
status window just disappeared when all downloads were complete.

Well, I don't think the problem really is with notifying the user that the download is complete, but rather where the file went he just downloaded. (If the computer doesn't complain, I can safely assume that everything is in order!)

When you say "auto-open", what exactly does that mean?  Opening a new
window that only blinks in the window list (e.g. with focus stealing
prevention) might be acceptable.

Interesting idea, as is the idea to use libnotify. These solutions are probably preferable over simply popping the download window to the front.

(a feature to move downloads to a more specific folder depending on certain rules would be very handy).

Maybe as an extension, but this sounds way too complicated for the base epiphany.

At the same time, I bet there's people here who would dislike it auto opening. Would it be reasonable as a preference, or is there a better way?

It sounds a bit too specific to warrant a preference to me. Others may disagree though...

Would it be better to provide the user with notification and make it
easier to access the downloads folder manually?  What if the user
already has the downloads window open?  It is possible to make it blink
rather than opening a new window?

Using the accessibility toolkit it should be possible to make a window draw attention (the "visual beep"). I don't know if it's suitable to use here.

some support to try it.  Why not do it in the development branch to see
how people like it?

Because a) not enough people use the development branch to get good feedback (do you use it?) and b) we're very near to UI and feature freeze for GNOME 2.14, so there's not much room left for experimenting at this time frame.

I'm beginning to see why some browsers just store downloads on the desktop. :-)

Yeah :) But it's not difficult to teach that trick to Epiphany if you want.

I would very much like to see it under the Places menu. I would go full steam ahead with that.

Hopefully the panel maintainers will comment on that bug soon.


Reinout van Schouwen

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