Re: VDQ : Open in tabs?

On 1/3/06, Reinout van Schouwen <reinouts gnome org> wrote:
> Hello Beartooth,
> On Mon, 2 Jan 2006, beartooth wrote:
> > them in new windows, unless I remember to *tell* it otherwise -- not
> > tolerable, imnsho. Is there a way I can set Epiphany to never ever
> > open a new window? I don't see it.
> No, there isn't. This is a bad case of broken forum software.

If it is the internal forum-links, yes that sounds broken, otherwise
it is pretty much the normal behaviour for most forums (user supplied
links open in new windows). And it is annoying, all the same,
especially for me, I rarely, practically never use more than one
window - and I don't want to.

This functionality is one of those reasons I stick with FF, since I
can tell it to open all "_blank" and "_new" in a new tab instead.
Since I gotten used to it, there's no way I'm going to back to dozens
of windows, IE-style. :)

I know it has been discussed here or on the wiki before, but not sure
about the actual results. I know some people said it would be hard to
do right, but have a look at how they do it then, because it hasn't
surprised me ever, always the expected result. I think it is the
"Tabbrowser preferences" extensions that has the relevant code -
should be possible to duplicate the conditions.

Kristoffer Lundén
✉ kristoffer lunden gmail com
✉ kristoffer lunden gamemaker nu
☎ 0704 48 98 77

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