Re: Some suggestions on tab behaviour

On 12/25/06, Reinout van Schouwen <reinouts gnome org> wrote:
Hi Spidernik,

2006/12/25, spidernik84 <spidernik84 virgilio it>:

> I've noticed that double clicking on tab bar does not open a new tab. I
> think that this could be a useful feature, especially for users coming
> from Firefox like me.

Sorry but this is a 'feature' that Epiphany doesn't have by design.
UI elements that are reactive to mouse clicks without being clearly
marked as such, cause unexpected behaviour. You can still use the New
Tab toolbar button or press Ctrl+T instead.
IE7 has a cool UI for that, there's always a "tab" of 10 pixels width
at the right of your open tab, if you click this "fake tab" you will
get a new tab.

> Another small glitch: while opening a new tab the cursor should be
> placed in url bar, so the user would be able to type the desired address
> immediately without taking his hand off the keyboard and moving the
> pointer over the textbar.

This is already the case when you have set a blank homepage. When you
have a non-blank homepage, focus is given to that page on purpose.
(There has been a lot of discussion about this already.)

Try typing an address in the address bar and press Ctrl+Enter to get
the desired effect.

> Last thing: do you plan to implement an option like "show tab bar even
> when one tab only is present"?

There already is a gconf key for that:

> Keep up the good work, epiphany has become my default browser after many
> happy years with the fox, and deserves to be the best ;)

Thanks for using Epiphany! :-)


Reinout van Schouwen
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