Re: can't use epiphany-extensions because I have no 'tools' menu

You can enable and disable extensions using the Gconfig editor, it's at
system tools -> Configuration editor. Modify /apps/epiphany/general

> I'm using an up-to-date Debian Testing, with Gnome 2.10.2, Epiphany
> 1.6.4, and the 'Gorilla' theme.  I've installed the
> epiphany-extensions package but can't apply any of them using the
> usual 'Tools - Extensions' method because I have no 'tools' menu.  
> I tried switching themes (but without restarting the browser) and this
> didn't make the tools menu appear.
> How can I either make the 'tools' menu appear, or activate the
> extensions another way?  The extension files are now available
> in /usr/lib/epiphany-1.4/extensions/.

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