Epiphany Bookmarks and Toolbar Patch h12

Hi all!

* What is it ?

This is a patch is for the Epiphany web browser (part of GNOME), and
auto-magically provides hierarchical bookmarks to users. It does this
without violating the spirit of the topic-based approach Epiphany uses.
It also provides a useful enhancement to the topic selector, and reworks
some other user-interface elements (such as the bookmarks bar and
toolbar editor).

This release is of my current patch to CVS head, and does not apply cleanly
to 1.6.x. I'd welcome testing by people to gauge user response and/or
crashes. Although the change list for this release is small, it should
increase the usability of the editable toolbar significantly.


* What's changed for h12?

    * Added new editing facilities for the editable toolbar.

* Known bugs

    * It is possible to hide all of your toolbars.
    * It is not possible to move/remove the zoom widget on the toolbar unless
      you are in editing mode.

* Where can I get it ?

with MD5 sum 94e3ad4dcad98527c4e9351f1ad8ca0d.

Debian source code:
with MD5 sum b924d739cf4ee9984b253c59587a44df.

Debian package:
with MD5 sum 650d08a3fee437a09f3f1f33b7cd32a6.

* How do I compile it ?

Apply patch to CVS head, or use the provided source tarball.


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