Cannot see my printer, only PostScript/Generic

I need help configuring my printer. When I select File/Print I see only one
printer, named PostScript/Generic, in the printer list. I use CUPS, and my
default CUPS printer is named dusty. I can choose dusty from other
applications, such as AbiWord and Galeon, but it does not appear in
Epiphany's list of printers. Any ideas how I can fix this problem?

Dusty is an HP LaserJet 4000 TN, and works great as a postscript printer.

OS: FreeBSD 4.11
Gnome 2.10

It might help to know that awhile back I used the BSD lpr style of
printing, and switched to CUPS to learn more about it. I did have to move
the BSD lpr commands out of the way to get CUPS working. Perhaps Epiphany
is confused about which printing system I am using.

Gary Dunn
knowtree aloha com

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