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Hi Marco,

On Thu, 6 Jan 2005, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:

How often does it happen that you press Ctrl+L, begin typing a URL, and
realise you actually don't want to replace the currently active page?

Does it happen? I never noticed it in my usage. I tend to consider it an
edge case, but I could be very well wrong.

Speaking just for myself, I know it happens to me quite frequently (like, once a day or so). On IRC, mpt said he can't live without Ctrl+Enter. That's all the usage data I've got. :)

Hidden keybindings are both a mainteinance problem (they easily get broken without being reported) and an interface one (if the functionality is necessary why shouldnt it be available in a discoverable way?).

That's a very good point, and the reason that I proposed to overload the 'Go' button with a dropdown that allows the user to select ' New [background] Tab'.

call) as long as we do it consciously (i.e. we recognize it's a work
around and we think it's worth paying the small mainteinance cost for

Since I don't contribute any code, I guess it's up to Christian and the other coders to decide about this.


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