Re: More DOM events from gtkmozembed


Le jeudi 08 décembre 2005 à 09:59 +0900, Kang Jeong-Hee a écrit :
> I'm writing an extension of image toolbar; just another implementation
> of firefox image toolbar.
> The firefox one is implemented with mouse event in javascript.
> And I think it is a cool way. But epiphany does not emit such a signal
> while gtkmozembed provide number of dom events. I did write some lines
> of codes emitting signals from inside of ephy-embed (and its mozilla
> backend). Just works well.
> epiphany-imagebar (is the name) is almost reaching out there.
> Now, I have a question; is that acceptable emitting more DOM signals
> from epiphany, for this extension and other things in the long run?
> As the epiphany design rule is simple and light, I have a little doubt
> more signals can be denied for lightweight.

The event context info gathering that Epiphany does in those gtkmozembed
DOM signals that it reemits is rather heavy, I'd prefer not to add more
handlers (esp. often triggered ones). Could you just attach to the
gtkmozembed ones and use its gpointer dom_event to just check for the
info you really need there? That should be faster.


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