Re: XUL & Epiphany

On Tue, 2005-26-04 at 22:55 -0400, Britt Selvitelle wrote:
> Hate to see all the cool
> stuff being done in FF extensions lost on Ephy (greasemonkey!).

I've looked into Greasemonkey a bit, and I know jfr's looked into it
even more. I think it's pretty safe to say we'll have an equivalent
Epiphany extension within the next few weeks, and it'll work with
existing Firefox scripts.

In general, of course, it'd be nice to be able to use arbitrary Firefox
extensions in Epiphany. "snakegtk" seems to me (at first glance) to be a
good starting point for that compatibility layer. But a heck of a lot of
work would remain to be done (snakegtk is missing most XUL elements, and
we'd have to find a way to tie Javascript code in, with the proper

Adam Hooper <adamh densi com>

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