Re: Compiling Epiphany with Firefox libraries

On Tue, 2004-09-21 at 13:26 +0200, Christian Persch wrote:
> it's now possible to build epiphany HEAD and from gnome-2-8 branch
> against the firefox gtkmozembed libraries (you may need to wait for anon
> cvs update, though).
> You'll need to apply the patch from
> to firefox build
> first, though; or fix the firefox-*.pc files by changing every reference
> therein from "mozilla" to "firefox".
> If you notice any problems in epiphany with firefox, please let us know.
> Known problems:
> - typeahead find doesn't work, even after enabling it in about:config
> - autocompletion popups on formfields don't work

Is it possible to build epiphany against mozilla and run it with firefox
or thunderbird instead of mozilla?
This would be very nice for distribution packagers who don't want to
force users to install mozilla.

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