Re: Epiphany Bookmarks Patch h6

On Tue, 2004-09-21 at 15:58 -0400, Britt Selvitelle wrote:
> Peter,
> I've been playing with Epiphany using the patch a bit. So far everything
> looks great! I think removing the bookmark toolbar in favor of any
> number of generic toolbars works fine, and simplifies things a bit.
> Although I must admit it took me a second to realize I *had* to drag and
> drop bookmarks to get them there.
> Maybe an option ala 'Add to Bookmark Bar' ... except worded 'Add to
> Toolbar' which would then add the bookmark to the lowest right most spot
> on a toolbar (which could then be moved). Just a thought.

That's been suggested before. Maybe I will then... I'm still going to
dry to develop a non-drag-drop approach to editing the toolbar which
will simplify things even further.

> Regarding compiling ... I couldn't get it to build myself. I'll attach
> the error.

I think you needed to run automake and/or autoconf first from the
epiphany source directory first. Even better, run ./ The
error you attached shows that ephy-bookmarksbar.c was trying to compile
- which is because your makefiles were out of date. Didn't have much
time to do QA on this one sorry!

> The deb package worked, but I had to force it to ignore dependencies,
> since it looks for libxml2 >= 2.6.11. (I've got 2.6.10-3) I'm not
> familiar with building debs, but I did some searching through the
> package and couldn't find the reference to 2.6.11.

Debian packages normally have higher dependencies than they really need,
so that's fine.

Gotta run, see ya,

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