[Specs] I'd like to obtain the epiphany bookmark specification


I'm going to make an open-source projet consisting in a Bookmark manager / converter.
The app is supposed to handle the following bookmarks formats :
- Netscape bookmarks (old netscape, IE import/export, opera export, etc...)
- Netscape bookmarks NEW (firefox, Mozilla, etc...) (with more attributes)
- Links bookmarks

Text format :
- Opera ADR file format
- old links file format
- IE native bookmark format

XML format :
- Epiphany's RDF

I manage to do some reverse engineering to obtain the specs of mosts of them, but I'm not too sure about Epiphany's bookmarks. So I'd like to have the official specs to make sure I implement this file format proprely. I especialy need to know about the links between the xml file and the rdf one, the set of attributes used, etc...and to which extends this format complies with the official RDF format as from W3C.

By the way, if you have any other specs concerning the other formats I've mentionned (you may have come accross them when writting the import bookmarks part), I'd gladly enjoy them.

Thans to all those who will answer.

NOTE : I'm not subscribed to this ML so could you please CC developper jubijub com ?

Julien "Jubijub" Bidault

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