Re: Extensions manager ideas

Hey guys,

Justin Wake wrote:
< .. snip ... >

I'll certainly agree that Gaim's UI could be a little better in this
regard, though I'm not too fond of Gaim's plugin UI.

Perhaps we could clone (well, not quite) the Add To Panel dialog from
gnome-panel, to have the name / summary appear as a bold header/plain
text sort of thing? It could be interesting to add icon support as well,
but I'm not sure that creating icons that neatly represent the
functionality of all the extensions would be a particularly easy job;
the Gestures extension would be fairly straightforward, for example, but
not necessarily so for the toolbar-extras extension.
I think this is an excellent idea. I find the new Add To Panel dialog simple and effective, and would work great in this situation. Also, standardizing across the desktop on these sort of interfaces would be a huge plus. Ala 'seeing a familiar face' in two different places.

It would be great if this type of dialog could be added as a HIG standard. Not sure how it would be described though ... will have to think about it a bit.


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