Re: Bookmarks reworked

Peter Harvey wrote:
Finally (this is probably being insensitive but I have no other way to
express it):
      * If you are using a computer without a mouse can you use the
        toolbar at all with current Epiphany?
      * Would you use the toolbar (with the exception of the location
        bar) when you consider that practically everything on the
        toolbar has a keyboard shortcut?

I fully agree with you, Peter. Bookmarks are accessible via the bookmarks menu and the bookmarks editor -- I don't think adding accessibility to the bookmarks *bar* is worthwhile, since both the menu and the editor are faster to access via the keyboard.

When I browse with keyboard only (I do it often for short periods of time), I use:
- Ctrl-L to type in a location
- Ctrl-L to do a Google search
- Ctrl-L to jump to a bookmark (I love Epiphany's "topics"...)
- Alt-(left|right) for back/forward
- Ctrl-R for Refresh
- Ctrl-(+|-) for zoom
- Typeahead find for navigation

I think toolbar accessibility is a moot point. It must be the *least* efficient way to use the keyboard.

Of course, I'm hardly disabled and I'd bow to the opinion of the accessibility team -- or that of a disabled person, of course.

Adam Hooper
adamh densi com

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