Re: Bookmarks reworked

On Wed, 2004-09-01 at 20:43 +0200, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> Bookmarks toolbars are somewhat special because they can be manipulated
> outside editing mode. It's not intuitive for example to have to open the
> toolbar editor to remove a bookmark from the toolbar.

I have still retained the 'remove' option for bookmark and topic items
on the toolbar, but only because it was necessary to retain it. Just to
make your point further, the most unintuitive behaviour I found was
      * Open bookmarks editor.
      * Select topic.
      * Add it to the "bookmarks bar".
      * Close bookmarks editor.
      * Turn on "show bookmarks bar" from menu.
      * Open toolbar editor.
      * Drag topic toolbar item from the bookmarks bar to the main
        toolbar where I want it.
      * Close toolbar editor
      * Turn off "show bookmarks bar" from menu.
Was there an easier way to do this?

> Even if I'm not convinced the editing of the two types of toolbars
> should/will be identical the consistency can be improved and normal
> toolbars needs some sort of keyboard bindings/context menus when in edit
> mode too.
> Though there are no reasons to introduce regressions.

This patch tries to 'clear the path' in preparation for a consistent
method for modifying the toolbar, and in doing so I have removed things.
I've tried to introduce some consistency already (like consistent drag-
and-dropping to add toolbar items). If I was to go further I would add a
consistent popup menu for all toolbar items with a 'remove' entry and a
'move' entry which allows the item to be moved around on the toolbar (by
mouse or by cursor keys!).

What I have submitted is only phase 1 and I expect features to be added
back in phase 2. I would have gone much further with this patch but I'd
have an even harder time getting the code accepted. And, since I didn't
have high hopes of it being accepted in the first place, I shouldn't
spend too much time going down one development path. But I couldn't do
any less because I didn't know if what I wanted was possible. :) At
least I understand the Epiphany code better now.

Finally (this is probably being insensitive but I have no other way to
express it):
      * If you are using a computer without a mouse can you use the
        toolbar at all with current Epiphany?
      * Would you use the toolbar (with the exception of the location
        bar) when you consider that practically everything on the
        toolbar has a keyboard shortcut?


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