Epiphany Bookmarks Patch - b7 and h7


* What is it ?

This is a pair of patches for the Epiphany web browser (part of GNOME). 

Patch b7 provides a code cleanup of the bookmarks UI and removes the
bookmarks bar (preparing for some future reworking of the toolbar

Patch h7 includes this cleanup but also provides automatic hierarchical
bookmark menus. It does this without violating the spirit of the
topic-based approach Epiphany uses. It also provides a useful
enhancement to the topic selector based on the same principle as that
used for generating hierarchical bookmark menus. 

The h7 release contains mostly bugfixes over the previous h6 release.
The b7 release is the first for this series. 


Release h7 and b7 both apply to Epiphany 1.4.4 from CVS (which is the
stable release for GNOME 2.8).

* What's changed for h7 and b7 ?

    * Updated patch for 1.4.4.
    * Fixed bugs causing crashes when bookmarks were added (thanks Reinout).
    * Added "Open in Tabs" back into bookmark menus where suitable.
    * First release of the b-series of patches.

* What's planned for the next release ?

    * Continue tracking stable Epiphany (I don't have latest GTK+).
    * Continue separating bookmarks code from the core code, aiming to
      have bookmarks as an extension (soon?).
    * Start reworking toolbar code, aiming for more consistent toolbar 
      editing and explicit support for extensions.

* Where can I get the current release ?

Patch b7:
with MD5 sum f56bd9615df42f34bb625da6d435ffbc.

Patch h7:
with MD5 sum 7f9193c5c7071ca17b60833a7847756e.

Source code (includes debian directory for dpkg-buildpackage):
with MD5 sum 2b156ce9d570e9eb22344f22180a8822.

Debian package:
with MD5 sum 03d78e633089fa2d2052a4e9b3eaab30.


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