Re: extension help


On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 17:36, christopher taylor wrote:
> i've been working on an extension for ephy the past couple of weeks
> (on/off again) and i get the feeling that ephy just isn't executing my
> extension.
> i've embedded some debugging messages, etc and I've used the resources
> out there (well the how to, took a peek at beagle's extension, and the
> savannah site's code for extensions) - my extension *is* installing
> into the correct path, so i'm confused as to what the issue may be.

Without source code and makefiles it's of course not possible to say
definitely what's wrong, but since you mentioned the savannah site,
maybe you're coding an extensions in the Epiphany 1.0 style, which won't
work in 1.1.x or later? (I'd totally forgotten the savannah site -- I've
now added a notice there.)

Have you had a look at the epiphany-extensions package in GNOME cvs, ? The "sample"
extension should be all you need to get started.

The path to install the extension varies between epiphany versions...
where do you install your extension ?


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