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On Mon, 29 Nov 2004, Mystilleef wrote:

already been bitten by Epiphany's insecure default settings. (Bug

Clearly you let your friend access your PC using your own user account. IMHO that he was able to access your bank account is due to your own negligence. There's a reason you can have more than one user on your system!

(I also think this is partly a problem of your bank's website. With any of the Dutch banks, no matter how crappy their sites are otherwise, this couldn't ever happen, since they require like triple authentication codes with a randomly generated one each time, no browser would be able to "remember" that..)

When I can easily lock down and secure epiphany so that every time a
user closes epiphany all his/her information is safely deleted, like I
can do in Firefox, then perhaps I will take a look at epiphany again.

Well, I agree this would be a nice feature to have. Christian is working on it, and it's on the roadmap.

Firefox is especially for GNOME, but today, I see a lot of reasons why
Firefox is preferred, smooth scrolling and auto scrolling for example.

Enabling smooth scrolling by default shouldn't be difficult. Any reason why we're not doing this?


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