[Requested feature] epiphany-browser: save page with relative URLs


I have epiphany 1.0.7. I like the possibility that we can save a specific web 
page, but I think that a tedious thing that all the links of saved page are 

I think that it's useful that epiphany has the feature of "Save with relative 
URLs". If it's included, then we have all the web environment. That is, 
suppose that we have the following link in the web that we save:

[saved page  http://www.mypage.com/index.html]

<a href="http://www.mypage.com/resources/index2.html";>Chapter 2</a>


The save with relative URLs substitute 
http://www.mypage.com/resources/index2.html for resources/index2.html.

With this, we could see all the environment without internet connection.


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