Re: Dictionary search extension

Reinout van Schouwen a écrit :
Hello Jean-François,


How:  Simply select the word of which you want to know the meaning. Then
right click and select "Dictionary->My dictionary". A new window will
open with the meaning or translation of the word you selected.

It would make sense for this extension to cooperate with the GNOME
dictionary applet.

Sure, make sense. So i contacted gdict team because i can't figure out the way to connect the extension to the former. There is no paramater i can pass through command line, and gdict is not, AIUI, a bonobo server, just an applet or a gtk+ app.

There is no UI at time. But would be easy to develop.

It already exists :) => GNOME dictionary.
UI in that case means only a way to enter dictionary urls and menu to display, and shortcuts (the prefs in short).


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