Re: Editing, importing and exporting bookmarks


On Fri, 2004-06-11 at 00:00, Jo Vermeulen wrote:
> I was wondering where I could find the bookmarks file though.
Bookmarks are stored in ~/.gnome2/epiphany/bookmarks.rdf

>  I would
> like to keep an up-to-date bookmarks file on my website, which I could
> merge in Epiphany, and perhaps other browsers (Konqueror, Mozilla,
> Firefox). Therefore I would like to see in which form Epiphany stores
> its bookmarks, so I can make up for myself which format I can use for my
> online repository.
> Is it possible to export/import bookmarks in XBEL?
Epiphany supports import from XBEL. To export the Epiphany format to
other browser's formats, you can import them in Galeon and use Galeon's
export function.
To export to Mozilla format, you can also use xsltproc with the
stylesheet from this post on the mailing list:


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