Re: Dictionary search extension


On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 21:02, Jean-François RAMEAU wrote:


> #define LOG(x) printf(x);printf("\n");

You can #include "ephy-debug.h", LOG() is defined there.

> static void
> clipboard_text_received_cb (GtkClipboard *clipboard,
>                             const char *text,
>                             gpointer *ptr)
> {
>   GSList *dicos_url, *dicos_lbl, *du, *dl;
>   gchar **cutter, *a_dico, *url;
>   const gchar *action_lbl;
>   GtkAction *action;   
>   action = (GtkAction *)ptr;
>   dicos_url = eel_gconf_get_string_list (CONF_DICTIONARIES); 
>   dicos_lbl = eel_gconf_get_string_list (CONF_MENUS); 

Guard against NULL values.

> /* Replace $ by the selected word */
>   cutter = g_strsplit (a_dico, "$", 0);
>   url = g_strconcat (cutter[0], text, cutter[1], NULL);

Why invent your own format here? Just use %s like smart bookmarks. Then
you can solve the url with

    bookmarks = ephy_shell_get_bookmarks (ephy_shell);
    ephy_bookmarks_solve_smart_url (bookmarks, a_dico, text);

That has also another advantage: probably not all servers are going to
expect UTF-8 in the url; for this solve_smart_url supports encodings,
using a smart url like this one:


> static void dico_cb (GtkAction *action,
>                      EphyWindow *window)
> {
>   EphyEmbed *embed;
>   embed = ephy_window_get_active_embed (window);
>   g_return_if_fail (EPHY_IS_EMBED (embed));
>   ephy_command_manager_do_command (EPHY_COMMAND_MANAGER (embed), "cmd_copy");
>   gtk_clipboard_request_text (gtk_widget_get_clipboard (GTK_WIDGET (embed),
>                               GDK_SELECTION_CLIPBOARD),
>                               (GtkClipboardTextReceivedFunc) clipboard_text_received_cb,
>                               action);
> }

Here's a potential crasher. Retrieving the selection is async; if the
tab/window was closed  between requesting the text and receiving it,
"action" has been destroyed. Look in ephy-tab.c's
clipboard_text_received_cb() and ephy_tab_dom_mouse_click_cb() for how
to solve this, for example.

> dictionary-search.c:

> register_module (GTypeModule *module)
> {
>         LOG ("Registering Dictionary Search Extension")
>         return dictionary_search_extension_register_type (module);
> }
You need to initialise the i18n support here; see any of the other
extensions how to do it (for example

Do you want to sumbit this extension for inclusion in Epiphany
Extensions ?


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