Re: Epiphany 1.3.2

* Roberto Piscitello <robepisc freemail it> [Jul 15, 2004 17:50]:
> CONs of tab-grouping:
>  - Mozilla or Firefox behaves differently:
>         Uhm... not a good point for me.


>  - gedit (or gnome-terminal, etc...) behaves differently:
>         FALSE. Gedit does/can not have click-to-open-a-related-tab; it
>         only uses tabs (and puts them at the end) to open a new document
>         or an existing one given its URI.  In that situation Ephy
>         already behaves exactly the same way: it puts its tab at the end
>         and makes it the current one.

Yes, well put.  This is very true.

> However I see some usability issues opened by its remotion:
>  - if there are many (where many=7 on my 1024x768 screen) tabs open, new
> tabs are opened "out of the screen", so the user doesn't get any
> feedback of them getting created and loaded.

Yes, I've found this to be true as well.  It's very annoying to see no
update in the screen when I open up a new tab in the background (from a
link).  I'm not one of those users who gets all worried and clicks the
same link ten more times because nothing's happening (since I know it
probbaly has even though I can't see it), but I suspect that once people
get used to using many tabs, this will hit them in the face, so to

>  - the user keeps scrolling back & forth the tab list to get to his new
> tabs; this can be _very_ annoying if you have many (>7) tabs, because
> the arrows to scroll the list are small and difficult to hit.

Yes, so very very true.  I don't want to scroll around among all my tabs
too much.

> > You can already create multiple groups of tabs using windows...
> It depends on your navigation habits and necessities.

Precisely.  I have a hard enough time trying to get used to multiple
desktops, I don't want to get into the whole 'multiple windows' stuff
now.  I run ratpoison as my WM and have an xterm running to the left of
an epiphany window; their sizes being 80x80+418-78 and 698x1040-0-78.  I
once in a while open up a gpdf or ggv window to do some reading, but
often I need to open it up in a second desktop anyway, so it's not that

> Thanks a lot for your work.  Keep on rocking guys!

I concur,

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