Extension Writing HOWTO

I've written a guide in DocBook format called 'Writing Epiphany Extensions'. I don't know how many people actually want to do so, but the HOWTO should help. It basically documents my experiences writing the popup-blocker extension. It should take an extension writer through the entire process of writing extensions.

The file is in Epiphany Extensions CVS or at http://www.adamhooper.com:4242/ephy/writing-epiphany-extensions.xml, and I've put an HTML version online at http://www.adamhooper.com:4242/ephy/.

If anybody's interested in writing extensions, this guide should come in handy. If you notice anything which needs clarifications, or see something which should be added or removed, or have any other suggestions of (almost) any sort concerning the guide, please email me :).

There are probably some typos in the example code, too: I copied lots of it by hand from the sample extension (putting in tons of <replaceable> tags: an inauguration for my new keyboard: it succeeded marvelously.

Adam Hooper
adamh densi com

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